Cultural Lessons and a Wedding!

By: David, Co-Director Aceh In the United States, we tend to think of the holiday season as a time of fervor and activity. Decorations get put up, towns and cities organize ceremonious displays, and the populace gets infected with the “holiday spirit.” We even associate the time with dramatic weather in the form of snowfalls…… Continue reading Cultural Lessons and a Wedding!

There are no bad days, only good days and great days!

My experience at the IHF center in Jakarta has been a roller coaster. I first experienced the low of my roller coaster when I was leaving my country and I faced many complications at the airport security. All of my excitement to come to center had begun to vanish, I feared that maybe I would…… Continue reading There are no bad days, only good days and great days!

A sense of place while out of place

The IHF Centre in Thailand is in Chiang Rai, despite the calm and peacefulness of the location – here at the center, there is never a dull moment. I have now been at the center for more than a month and every day I continue to see improvements around the center. The impact that it…… Continue reading A sense of place while out of place

Eat, Pray & Love in Jakarta

It’s been almost two weeks since I arrived at Jakarta center. The past two weeks have been an unbelievable adventure for me. Every moment was full of magic and enlightenment that I couldn’t believe how much I have grown and learned in such a short time. During my flight to Jakarta, I watched an award-winning…… Continue reading Eat, Pray & Love in Jakarta


This is my last week in Jakarta Center. A month passed so quickly that I didn’t even realize how much Indonesian I have become. This last week witnesses the most noticeable event of the year – Ramadan. And not only Muslims but also foreign volunteers like us do fasting. What a big challenge! After the […]

My year with IHF

Written by Annisa, local volunteer, Bali When I got a job and moved to Buitan last year, I decided to volunteer with an organization near my workplace. When I applied, I thought I would just do it to kill the time after work. But that changed. After almost a year at IHF Bali Centre, this…… Continue reading My year with IHF