By Arnau, Co-Director Medan Center

Hello Everybody !!

This August has been a rainy month and has brought us the Ramadan, one of the most
important events each year for this country. The fasting month changes everything.

First of all, many of our classes are held in the afternoon instead of the evening.
This is because during the evening there are many traditions held: open the fasting, praying, tarawih, so the children have no time to come to class at the evening.

Second and sadly, this fact brings fewer children to the class. Well, it is understandable that for those kids the fasting is something really difficult and they are doing it for the first time of their life.

The teachers understand this and we plan more entertaining and funny classes to encourage the children to keep coming. In my case, as an English teacher I have been using movies, songs or even Scrabble championships. Usually, it is impossible to do such things due to the great number of students in each class.

Even though, it is amazing to see all of those who don’t stop coming to the center whatever happens. Those children who are almost part of the center, that come to any activity we prepare, to every class, and always smiling and happy.

But also, this month happens to be the busiest month since I arrived at the center. We have organized many activities and almost every weekend we have celebrated something. We did a Super clean day (or Besihbersih in Indonesian), we celebrated the Independence Day with games and funny competitions, we had a Prize ceremony for all the winners and participants and finally we organnized a Break Fasting Together
event. It makes me tired just to mention it but we had so much fun and are so proud of these activities thatwe wil make an special page of this on our next newsletter to explain them and post some photos. Look forit next month!

Finally it has been a month of reparations and cleaning days. We had so much work to do but with the help of the children we have left our center as clean as a hospital. Also we have repaired the roof to prevent the leaks that we had every raining day.
I just want to thank all the staff, the teachers and the children for this amazing month we have had together!

See you next month!

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