Fadly, The oldest children in the IHF Aceh center

Ramadan Mubarak!! It is Ramadan now, great moment for everybody. Every Muslim excited about Ramadan, as excited as our children here, in Aceh Centre. Our kids in the centre were so excited when the first of Ramadan comes, the prepared many things for Ramadan. This year was the first time for everybody at the centre to celebrate the first of Ramadan together, in Aceh the first of Ramadan known as Meugang Day. Meugang is a day of the first and the last of Ramadan which is mean that everybody has to come back to their family to celebrate the first day of Ramadan. Our kids in the centre as well, they stayed at the centre for the Meugang Day. One of Willy’s friend mothers came into our home and she talked about breaking fast together with the kids and the students in the centre and we agreed that the breaking fast together would be in the next day which means we only had less than 24 hours to prepare. In spite of this she manage to invite one of the most famous artist in Indonesia to come to our Center!! It shocked us!! In the afternoon of second day of Ramadan everyone was busy with their job. Well, we helped them to clean up some our Center… Some people came to our Center and brought the food, the snacks, the drinks and the carpets! It was so fun to clean up with the little ones, they just played with each other and they were very excited about this event. At 3 o’clock the students came. They were around 30 students. While my brothers, sisters and students waited for the time to breaking the fast they played with each other and read some books from the library. We had photo session! It was funny, because they kept posing non-stop!! Hahaha… Finally the artist came! Oh no, big surprise! There were two artist, not only one! They were from the most famous group band in Indonesia now, Slank. Well, five minutes after their arriving it was the time for breaking our fast. Finally, after 14 hours of fasting!! Yeah!! We had dinner together with them, they were so cool! After dinner time, Slank and Willy’s friend mother gave some sarong, praying hat, hijab, and t-shirt for the children. Everyone got their gifts! It was a nice from them, while they were busy but they still had a bit time for us! They sang a song for us, and the children sang together with them. The kids were so happy about this event. That day was a big day for us: celebration, gathering, and togetherness!!


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