Lisa, Co-Director Nakuru Center

Although most of the children returned to Pokot this month for their school holiday, a few remained here at the centre.

The children that stayed behind have spent time working in the peace farm. When the high school boys weren’t studying for their tuition, they helped to clean out the maize stork and weed the shamba.

We also harvested more of our maize this month. Our children helped our staff to dry the maize by grinding the kernels off and then bringing it inside and outside to dry each day.

While it took many days to grind all of the kernels off of the cobs, there was not too much complaining. Even our younger boys volunteered to sit with us and help with what they could. Although Aurelia, our French volunteer, obtained some bruises on her
hand due to the hard texture of the maize, she continued to grate, all the while having a smile on her face.

We all sat day after day working together in order to ensure that our maize would dry properly.

In addition to cleaning out the peace farm, weeding the kale garden, and drying maize, our children helped to plant sweet potatoes.

We have received plenty of rain this month, which has been a blessing for our crops. We plan on harvesting more maize at the beginning of September and we can only hope that next month is as good as this one has been.


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