Naomi, Co-Director of Nakuru Center

If there is anybody who knows how difficult it is for the poor to afford the price of Milk to the poor, can agree with me that some people to have a glass of milk per month even if they like it very much, it is a dream!

Unlikely to IHF Nakuru Kenya Children are able to have milk every day just because they have five cows and two calf at the center. This milk is very health because it comes direct from the cow without mixed with any chemical.

Children and staffs are very happy to take care of the cows and calf because they know how worth it is to have those animals at the center. Some times volunteers and directors are taking care of them and make sure they have enough grasses to eat in order for them to produce enough milk.

“I miss milk when I am far from home (center), but I feel great when I come and get a cup of milk every day,I thank mum (Carol) for taking care of us” said Caro Sammy who is in class four.

During the weekends Boys are milking the cows while girls are collecting eggs from chicken yard. They are happy to do that because they feel like participating in the family.

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