Siddhartha, Thailand Volunteer

In the morning the truck arrived very early , much earlier than usual. so me and Jirasak made sure that all are ready. I tried to look for Tawat and found him sleeping, but he was already dressed to school. smart boy! i thought. Pratya again had the liberty to be the final one. We went back to our online tasks after breakfast. I tried to contact Aiesc Thailand and also helped Chris with the children manual. Later I helped Kunu cook dinner as today was Nabee’s day off. In the evening , being a friday we took the kids to the nearby abandoned air strip. We played a lot of football and basketball and on the way back it was movie time for the kids. they wanted to watch a b boy movie. Jira is especially interested in b boy so she pushed me a lot to rent the dvd. The kids liked the moves in the movie too. While the children watched untill 10, we were doing online tasks until the end of day.


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