Claire Hatfield. Director in Nakuru

After just completing my first month as a director in Nakuru I can’t wait to see what the rest of my time here will bring. There’s never a dull moment here – with every day being a new and exciting learning experience.

In preparation for our upcoming fundraising dinner our children have been busy practicing their songs and dances from Pokot a lot recently. These will be used as entertainment at fundraisers in the USA, via a video call on tokbox. It’s been great to see the kids all united as one doing something they love so much – you can’t help but bop along and have a big grin on your face when watching them! So far we’ve had trials for our fundraiser dinner with Kiley and Titim both in San Diego and Chris in Bozeman. Our children have been delighted to see these familiar faces online and are very much looking forward to the real fundraising dinner this coming weekend. We hope this will be a success and that our children’s’ entertainment will be loved and appreciated by all those viewing and fundraising for IHF.



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