Zoe- Day 3 as Codirector Thailand

Day 3 and another 9.5 hour day! But today was great!

I broke up the online hours I needed to do and my day went very quickly. Mostly the online work I did today was to increase awareness of the foundation on social networking sites, and researching avenues for free advertising and media. All of the children have returned now and it is a fun environment to work in, even if my head is mostly buried in the laptop. As I write my daily report all of the girls are singing to songs they are watching on Utube.

Today we brainstormed what tasks need to be started on, we want to revamp the garden that has been a bit neglected and it has been suggested by the house parents that we get some chickens to save money on food costs, so we need to make a chicken coop as well. Another big priority the many things that need to be fixed at the centre like our gate, a broken wall, and a leaking roof, oh and there is talk of trying to get enough money for hot water in winter. All this talk naturally moved on to, how are we going to afford this? So we began to discuss future fundraising events.

Another big task completed during the day was cleaning out the resource cupboard, it is official we do not need any more pencils, crayons, or English textbooks at the moment we have an abundance but need more people or time to make the most of these resources!

More online work….. then an exciting adventure at the local food market. We buy 45 kg of rice for 5 days! We shop from street stalls run by Hill Tribes to support them. Our food budget is so small we spend less than $200 for a whole week for 28 children and 4 staff. Today I brought some extra fruit for the children.


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