Co-director of IHF, Chiang Rai. Christy

Thursday October 2010:
Today I spent the morning and afternoon working on my international tasks. I then spent time with Zoe and Jirasak discussing how we are going to do our work around the center. We discussed the Chicken Coup and what we need to buy and what we have to do to build it. We also discussed rebuilding the water tank and what that will take. I then spent a few hours playing with the children, playing pingpong and the children spent time outside doing homework. I will go in to town later today with Jirasak, Zoe and Chris.

Friday October 2010:

Today was a very busy day. In the morning I did my international tasks. We then went into town to get groceries for the center for the next week. When we got back it was dinner time. After dinner, I spent most of the late afternoon taking pictures of the children (as requested) and for the photo team. We then had a big family meeting, where I got introduced to all of the children and they got to know me a bit. Zoe, our other co-director brought a beach ball and had the great idea, that we had the children toss it from one to another. If you got hit with the beach ball, it was your turn to tell the group about yourself. We learned the children’s names, ages and what they like to do for fun. After the fun meeting was over, it was back to international work for me, trying to upload pictures to email out for a photography project. Now, it is off to bed for me.

Thank you,


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