Counting down the days till I arrive in Medan

Soon I will be arriving in the Medan Centre. I can’t wait to be in Medan, and feel I am really doing something for children who needs it. Having been a teacher for private schools in one of the fanciest zip code of California, I was starting to question myself about my role because I had other aspirations! This past year, I felt I’ve really helped out the kids I taught in the homework school for kids coming from disadvantaged communities, and I feel I can really help and contribute to something in the Medan center, I can’t wait to really be part of IHF.

When I first saw the co-director position advertised, I was not looking for a job at all! Actually, I was looking for volunteers to hire for a homework school I was in charge of! But when I read that ad it was like that position was just made for me! So I applied and I talked about it to my family and friends saying I found my dream job and was waiting for an answer anxiously!!

I was very happy to have my first exchanges with the Coordinator Titim, when I read the rules about cultural customs and appropriate behavior, I became even more excited and happier! I was so amazed and happy to read about how IHF respects the local culture and traditions, and has rules that volunteers must abide by to ensure cultural sensitivity. As soon as I had read all these rules, I had so much respect for IHF.

The next step was to find out more about the programs and the online tasks required of IHF staff. I had a great success and was very excited because I found a newspaper willing to write an article about IHF. Yah! MMm.. so I though where do I find all the information I need to provide to the Newspaper, I contacted the media team, and the Director Thomas answered me right away to help me with this task. I found the same level of helpfullness by other IHF volunteers, when I did not really understand how to start work on the manualwork team, I asked the Director Claire and was reassured and had all my questions answered.

So the main feeling I have about working with IHF is that there is always somebody to turn to. When I was first thinking about Medan,I was mostly happy and excited to work with the kids, but I was also a tiny bit scared of the administrative tasks!!!!!!!! But now that I started the online tasks and have experienced how many people are out there ready to help me out and answer my questions, I am feeling way more comfortable!!


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