Volunteer life by Ng Lye Ee, IHF Volunteer; Jakarta, Indonesia

I had a such great day! Managed to finish a sponsor letter in the morning, spoke to Thomas about Facebook and Youtube, received all the materials I need to start on the my local posters and posted four advertisements for OOTT. In addition, I also managed to find a solution for my computer so kudos to that! On days like this, I feel that I have accomplished a lot and am really happy. With this motivation, I hope I can do more in the following days.

Nothing exciting happened to day. I went about my daily routines as usual. Perhaps the more interesting (more frustrating really) thing that I can write about is my classes.

Today I took my two youngest classes. SD 5 was really good. I taught them nouns and verbs and revised a little about adjectives. And they could finish a short quiz after that without making much mistakes! But it was with a little bribery as I bought them chocolate today. My SD 6 on the other hand is a little problematic. It isn’t that the students aren’t good or attentive, but I’ve come to realize that my newer students are much weaker than the others, making it really difficult to pace my lesson. I am a bit worried about this situation but I’ll see what happens next lesson as I’ve given them some homework to gauge their “true” standard.

Apart from classes, it was quite a joke when Ade told me that I’ve sponsored a class. Apparently, my “naughty” friend decided to sponsor one of my classes but ended up putting my name! Fortunately I made it clear to them that it was my friend and they believed me (after much persuasion). Such a great day. Let’s hope tomorrow will be the same!

Thank you!


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