Volunteer life 5 by Ng Lye Ee, IHF Volunteer; Jakarta, Indonesia

Nothing pretty exciting happened today. I mainly worked on the poster designs and Facebook because I’m afraid I won’t have the time in the next few days as Rachel and I will be running around, posting mails to ask for donations and sponsorships, and also helping Ayu out with housework.

I must say I love working on Facebook. Not because it is the trend now or it’s the site I frequent most (even in my free time). It’s just that after I’ve finished working on Facebook, I always feel a great sense of achievement as if I can do anything and everything. That is because I’ve always learnt Facebook coding, designing or creating game applications on my own. No one taught me or ever tell me how to deal with Facebook. I just seem to be intrigued by the wonders of it and thus, I pick up every bit I now know through instincts or self-learning which is definitely gratifying.

Classes were alright today. I did peer editing with them and made them critique each others work. My first class went well as the students were more outspoken. It was also a smaller class and so we had quite a bit of fun. On the contrary, I think my second class felt it was a bore. Firstly, they were all stressed out about having to talk about their friend’s writing. Then, they couldn’t find the right words to say. Unlike my previous class, this class is rather segregated. The better ones stayed together while the weaker ones always hid in one corner. But that’s okay I guess. As long as they continue turning up for classes and are willing to learn (which they are), I’m sure they’ll catch up some day. And as a treat to my classes after all the boring grammar lessons, I promised we’ll do personality tests next lesson before revision on my last lesson with them.

Somehow I feel really sleepy today. I think it’s the weather. It has been pouring since morning. And so I’ll hit the sack now! Thank you:)

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