Volunteer life 6 by Ng Lye Ee, IHF Volunteer; Jakarta, Indonesia

I never thought this day would come. Together with Rachel, we cooked for everyone at the centre! I have a kind of love-hate relationship with cooking. On one hand, I hate it because it’s such a hassle and I’m really worried what if I don’t do it well, etc. But on the other hand, it is such a great satisfaction to be able to eat what you cook. Especially if someone (like Joko) tells you it’s so good (though I know he is just being encouraging). However, cooking here is really different from Singapore or Australia. It is slightly harder to find ingredients and the mince chicken smelt “funny”. Overall though, I think it was edible.

SD5 was rather rowdy today because of the poor weather but they got better later in the class. We did simple compound sentences with “because” and “and”. I think they picked it up rather quickly because they love using their friends as examples (eg. I don’t like Iqbal because he is naughty”). I had a lot of fun with them and knowing that the next lesson is my last class with them saddens me a little.

After class, I stayed in to prepare for the drama production for most of the time as I wanted to get it done before we start characterization and filming tomorrow and the day after. All was rather “mundane” (because it was mostly just looking out for errors etc.) until we had debate practice with Ayu. Rachel wanted me to help out by being Ayu’s opposition. And so round one, we worked around the notion “Coffee is good”. I was the proposition for the topic and I have no idea about coffee because I don’t like drinking it. In the end, I came up with false statistics and evidence just to show Ayu how people conduct a debate.

In the second round, I became the judge and Joke and Ade joined us. It was an interesting topic as the debate was about the impacts of the Internet and social network sites. It was very exciting as both teams tried very hard to put forward their points and even question the other team’s argument. I love listening to debates like this as they are hilarious and at the same time, knowledge-based which means I learn while listening.

After the long debate, I worked on international tasks and finally, finished what I set out to do:)


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