Volunteer life 7 by Ng Lye Ee, IHF Volunteer; Jakarta, Indonesia

I have been waking up early these few days to help Ayu with the housework. Only now do I realise how big the house is! Mopping the floor was tiring but definitely good morning exercise (haven’t been exercising for a while). After that, I went off to prepare for my Beginner and Intermediate classes. I was so inspired by one of Rachel’s classes that I decided to work on personality this week. Instead of making them copying off the board, I decided to pamper them a little and printed some worksheets for them.

After all the physical work, it was time to tickle mind brain (haha). I started working on my media and promomat stuff while Rachel and Ade were teaching. As only one computer has photoshop now, I try to use it when the others are not because I don’t want to make them wait for the computer. Moreover, part of me is guilty that my computer isn’t working. I wished I had better luck with my electronics in the first place.

Approximately 3.30pm, I decided to hide in my room with Rachel’s netbook and worked on the arrival form as well as the script. Reading the Little Prince over and over again really makes me happy. My one favourite lines in the books are:

“One sees clearly only with the heart. Anything essential is invisible to the eyes.”

These lines are just so beautiful because I believe that love is the most important thing in life. And love can’t be see or judged physically. Awesome!

Then it was time to teach! I think I was exceptionally dramatic in class today, trying to act out personality traits. It humoured both my classes which I’m glad. After these few weeks, I come to realise learning is not just about having a good teacher with the best knowledge, but someone who can motivate you and make you want to learn more on your own is just as important. And because I don’t think I can ever be the former, I hope I fare well in motivating the students here.

The funny thing was one of class seem to have the impression that today’s my last lesson. They were asking me loads of questions like “Are you coming back?”, “Why must you leave?”. Truthfully, I do feel a little sad and sorry for them. It must be hard for them to keep saying goodbye to their teachers. But meeting new people gives you fresh blood which keeps the passion going right? Or at least, I choose to believe so.

After class, we discussed a little about the drama and started drawing for our volunteer recruitment posters. I drew the little prince, a rainbow and quoted my favourite lines. Somehow I think all our posters look wonderful and I hope it’ll really help the centre get more local or foreign volunteers! Even though Ade is a good teacher, he can’t be teaching all three different subjects a day! Haha.


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