Volunteer life 8 by Ng Lye Ee, IHF Volunteer; Jakarta, Indonesia

Today has been a long day. Possibly my most accomplished day too (I think every few days I feel this way). But maybe it’s because I know I don’t have much time left here and so I just want to give my best. I rushed through my international tasks in the morning and afternoon. I think if I don’t push on and keep working, I’ll just have the tendency to slack off. At approximately 3pm, I got really angry because the mosquitoes keep biting my feet! I’ve been getting so many mosquito bites over the days that I don’t think it’s significant to talk about it in my journal. But today, it was literally attacked. And so I decided to spray mosquito repellent while Ade frying some food for us.

Meanwhile, I thought about the drama and my last class with SD5 tomorrow. I was a little nervous as I don’t know if the kids really like acting. But eventually I must say we all had a great time. Joko is a terrific actor and Nia is born to act. Ade is already humorous in his everyday speech which makes it really funny. Adit and Ayu just makes it even better by make us laugh with everything they say. At some point, I think we were filming a comedy. But it was really successful and I’m very excited to see how everything fits in after editing (which unfortunately I can’t do during my stay here because I don’t have my computer. But I’ll finish it when I go back to Singapore). Attached is a photo of the happy family:)

Preparing for my last class for SD5 on the other hand made me quite emotional. I really want to leave them with something good, something better than I’ve always done and make them feel that English can be fun. So after to listening to some of Rachel’s advise, I decided to do a little story telling and English Bingo with tomorrow. I hope it goes well.

My intermediate classes went well as usual. Only that one of my student asked me how to start a protest because he really wants to get into university but is afraid he can’t. I have not directly answered his question but I’ll think about it and maybe do a short discussion in class next week.


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