Volunteer life 9 by Ng Lye Ee, IHF Volunteer; Jakarta, Indonesia

So finally, I’m writing my last journal. I was really touched by some of my students today. They traveled all the way from home to say goodbye to me even though they did not have class. And some of them gave me little toys and even apologised for not giving me an expensive gift. I felt really terrible at that moment. I told them, “It’s not the gift that matters. It is the sincerity.” At times, I feel it is the simplest “Thank yous” that make you feel so appreciated and touched rather than the gifts from acquaintances or friends who you barely know. And at some point today, I wanted to tear because my students were so sincere, beautiful as angels. I hope I really helped them and gave them something in return for all these. After much reflection, I think this can be considered top five most memorable moments for me! Haha.

Everything went on smoothly today. Woke up, did some international tasks, went to prepare for classes, helped Arnau change some posters for Medan, teach, etc. Nothing was out of place. But yet, my heart feels slightly empty and “out of place”. Again, it’s just knowing that I’m leaving here tomorrow afternoon that makes me sad. I know I’ll especially miss Ade, Ayu, Nia, Joko and Adit because they were like my family for the past few weeks. Some of the my favorite moments with them:

Abang Ade: When he imitates everyone in the house! And when he says “Gossip gossip gossip”
Ayu: “K’ Lye Ee is so funny!” *Laughs* (Ayu is so gentle and mature that it makes me feel ashamed that I was so immature at her age!)
Nia: Come on *Justin Bieber Baby*
Adit: An “ad the mire ra” (Admirer)
Joko: *Silence* -Slow motion kungfu

Today didn’t end terribly well though because poor Adit was not feeling well. We took a long time to convince him to go to the clinic because he was so afraid he would get an injection. I remember my own fear of injections (even till now) so I do empathize with him. But we were worried he contracted Dengue or something so we had to force him to see the doctor. Fortunately, it was only a tonsil infection and he was really relieved himself as evident from his smiles.

I wish IHF Jakarta centre will always be filled with laughter and smiles because I know they deserve nothing less. Even though this is only a short trip, I know I’ll never forget this experience because I’ve learnt so much as a person and I’m really grateful I had this opportunity. Not opportunity to give, but opportunity to learn

Thank you for everything:)


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