An update from Aceh center

It has been another busy month here at the IHF Aceh Center.

Last week we had a video Skype with some people in the USA for our Global Fundraiser Dinner. Our children here sang and danced traditional songs and dances. The children had rehearsed prior for this event and had such a fun time with it. We were really proud to introduce our culture to the international community.

During one of the rehearsals for this event, Hamzah injured his left arm while doing a break-dance handstand.  He had little mobility in his arm and was in pain… We were so concerned that he had broken his arm.  Bunda took him to the hospital for an x-ray, which showed a sprain.  He has been undergoing traditional massage to restore his sprained arm.  But now, he is able to resume his daily activities.

During the mornings on the weekends, the children work together to clean the house.  They never complain when given chores to do.  They are at an age where they understand the importance of having to do chores and working together.  They never hesitate to help each other.  Willy, our eldest child, helps us by cutting the grass in both the backyard and front yard.  Usually, after Willy has cut the grass, Hamzah and Maruki will clean up the remnants of the grass that has been cut.  The girls help inside with cleaning, sweeping, mopping, etc.  Once the cleaning is done, the children will usually spend time together before lunch watching a television program.  The remainder of the weekend is spent playing.

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