The on-goings of Bali, Indonesia Part 2; By Rozalia, Work-Study Volunteer

Teaching in Indonesia is a lot of fun. On Saturdays we teach the older students, they are 17-19 and speak English very well. To make class a bit more interactive and fun for them, we decided to do a play. While rehearsing the “Wizard of OZ” this past Saturday, the students offered to take us sight seeing on Sunday as a treat. They came to pick us up on Sunday morning and took us to a very interesting temple. The temple was built next to a cave full of bats. According to the students, the bats were not considered sacred, but the cave was. While we were at the temple, many people came to make offerings of rice, flowers, and incense. The bats and the temple patrons coexist, this was nice to see. We also had a fantastic day with our students.







On our day off, all the volunteers decided to take a day trip to Ubud.

We looked around, did lots of shopping and decided to see the Monkey Sanctuary.

The Monkey Sanctuary was a lot of fun. Of course we got to see a lot of monkeys, but there was a small temple to be explored, as well as amazing trees with entangled roots.

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