The on-goings of Bali, Indonesia Part 3; By Rozalia, Work-Study Volunteer

Teaching the children is always a lot of fun. Our lesson, and vocabulary was about domestic animals, since there is no shortage of domestic animals in the village of Buitan in Bali, we lent the children our digital cameras to take pictures. We uploaded the pictures onto our computers, showed the kids how to edit the photos. As you can see, they are very interested in using technology.

The volunteers at the Bali center are constantly thinking of ways to make classes more interesting for the children. Currently, we have a volunteer from China, Vivian, she is very good at origami. On the day that we decided to teach the children about animals, she came up with the idea to teach them to make paper cranes as an introduction to the lesson.

The kids loved folding the paper, and our lesson was a success.

After teaching, me and Jenny another volunteer love to take a walk on the beach. We already know all the locals and they love to sit with us in the evening and chat. On this particular day, we were lucky enough to go out precisely when the fishermen were bringing in the catch. We stood around and watched how they gathered the net. Unfortunately the catch was meager, however I find Indonesians to be very resilient, the men folded their nets, boarded their boats, and went out once again hoping to catch something worth selling this time.


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