The on-goings of Bali, Indonesia Part 4; Rozalia, Work-Study Volunteer

Me and Jenny, another volunteer at the Bali center, love to explore. We have inquired in the village, and we found out that the locals go to a traditional market, with all the hustle and bustle, about 20 minutes away.

On some mornings, me and Jennyfer wake up at 6 am and head to the market. We take public transportation which is an adventure in itself. We usually go out to the highway where we stick out like two sore thumbs. We get honked at by all the cars that go buy. Eventually, the bemo or local bus shows up, we usually flag it down and the driver usually looks at us with astonishment when we let him know that we are getting in to go to to the next town.

The market is very cool. It is very busy, people are selling, buying, haggling, and very Bali style making offerings of flowers and inscents at the market shrine to the ancestors and Hindu gods.

I love shopping where the locals shop, it gives me a sense of the real Indonesia; the real flavor of life here, as opposed to just the cosmetic surface.


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