Medan center news

During the month of February, we have been working on the quality of our classes again. I brought some books from my last visit to Jakarta and we are using them and introducing these new books to our teaching materials. We will be doing some recruitment activities soon. But this time not to recruit  students but what  I have in mind is to start looking for some new teachers. The more classes we open, the more teachers we need. So the next weeks I plan to visit some of  Medan’s universities and give a good use to our brochures.

While waiting for new teachers this month, we have had the inestimable help of Saiful and Ria, two local volunteers from Medan. Some months ago I introduced you all to the teachers/staff that work here in our center, and now, our work has reached the community and we are having some extra help. Saiful and Ria help me with some of my classes when they have some time to spare.

We also prepared a great performance for our Fundraising Dinner. You should have seen how wonderfully Medan children performed! They sang a traditional Medan song, performed a traditional Bataknese dance and farewell the hosts with the well known “ If you are happy and you know it… “. We had a lot of fun!!!

And these are the big news for this month: Joey (staff) and Devika (computer teacher) got married on this last 26 of February. Wonderful news and congratulations from all IHF Family!

I was invited to the marriage party as I had also assisted the day when Joey’s ask permission to Devika’s parents to marry her. Devika’s family is from a village near Medan so we (Joey & Friends) went there on the morning where Devika’s family and house were ready for our arrival. The ceremony went well although there were some funny previous rehearsals and “replays” for the protocol was not being followed correctly (so many rules and strange words to memorize!) and we had some pictures taken. But the real party will be held on the next 12 of  March with all the traditional ceremonies,clothes, relatives from far away and lots of (spicy) food to congratulate this New Marriage!!

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