Perspective from Jakarta volunteers

This month the Jakarta Centre has been full of excitement. Ade celebrated his birthday and a party was held for the occasion. The children decorated the living room with banners and balloons while he was out, providing a nice surprise when he returned in the evening. The evening consisted of listening to music, playing games that included hide and seek in the dark (good fun as there were numerous places to hide) and having far too many sugary sweetsand drinks! Everyone sung happy birthday as we brought out the cake. A surprise for Ade was being covered in flour after he blow out the candles!

Adesucipto is the family cat, who lives in the house with his wife. This month she gave birth to 3 new kittens. They all seemed to be doing well, and the kittens are close to 4 weeks old. The kittens hide away under the stairs, with mum going out for food and returning throughout the day to feed and look after them. Adit seems to be their biggest fan, climbing through the bookcase to get under the stairs to bring the kittens out so we could stroke them.

Joko took exams in electronics and was pleased with how they went. Fingers crossed he gets the results he is hoping for.

Miss Katie’s class (an Australian volunteer) had been learning all about the Australian Kookaburra, singing the song and decorating the room with some fantastic pictures. The classroom looked very colourful and inviting after two of the classes took part in the activities. Miss Katie invited us to all go swimming at her apartment’s pool on Sunday when there were no lessons. This was enjoyed by everyone, where we played games and swam for hours.

We – Daryl and Laura have been really pleased to be able to help out at the centre during as volunteers, helping to teach English and supporting with other activities. It was fantastic to be able to get to know Ade, Ayu, Joko, Adit and Nia. They are all wonderful, full of their own unique characteristics and certainly a very close family where they all look out for each other. The children who come to learn at the centre from the surrounding area were a pleasure to teach, working hard and progressing well in all subjects.

Support is needed at all the centres to keep up the good work that IHF does, changing and improving the lives of thousands of children. Any help with time or donations (money or donated items) really will help make a difference to the children of IHF.
Daryl Dixon and Laura Mclellan
Volunteers in IHF Jakarta centre


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