First day as a work-study volunteer in the center of Chiang Rai

It was not easy to get to the center in Chiang Rai, as we had traveled for 2 days there since we left Bangkok. All of us felt very tired and the only thing we wanted to do then is go to sleep.

However, we were so excited and curious about the new surroundings and new people. It was so nice of the directors to help us tidy the rooms and get familiarized with the center. Aaron, who is from the USA, was the first one I met. The tall but thin man is around 30 years old. I am thankful for him, otherwise it would cost me a lot of time to clean my room. Anna and Blaithin are the other two directors in the center. Anna is from the UK, and she has much experience as she used to work at the Kenya center. I think I can learn a lot from her. Blaithin is around 25 years old, and she has just been here for 2 weeks. I can see by how she treats  the kids that she is good at taking care of children.

My room was very tidy and clean, though there was not much stuff. The traditional style of the curtain was really impressive! I was so happy when I saw the fan in my room because I do not like using air-conditioning in the summer. Here is the image of my room.

It was quite interesting that there was a goat in the center. She looked so lovely. However, we are not sure what she is for.

After 4 o’clock, children came back. Their ages are from 8 to 20. I felt so happy when I saw their smiling faces. Today’s dinner was the first meal I have had in the center. To be honest, I could hardly adapt to the spicy Thai food, but I will try to accept some of it gradually.

Because I need to get up early tomorrow morning, I will go to bed at about 9:00. Hope to have a nice dream!


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