Daily Journal in Chiang Rai Center — Day 2 & Day 3


In the morning, Anna trained us us and also answered questions we had. After that, Jenny, Simon and I started to brainstorm about the local projects and listed several ideas. The lunch today was fantastic and I could not get enough! In the afternoon, Simon and I specified the local projects which included a timetable, tools needed and personnel arrangement.

Today was Aaron’s birthday so, we went to the barbecue and had the hotpot of Thai style! The pot is a little strange and I’ve never seen it before. The food, espeicially the meat and the fruit, was delicious and cheap. All of us enjoyed it.

When we went back, we played games with the children until their bedtime. Most of these games I did not know before, but the children taught us the rules patiently. In fact, most of the games were quite interesting. I believe that all of us enjoyed that moment.


This morning was also about training. It was the final part of the training, however, it was a huge article! Anna explained the key points and our work.

In the afternoon, Simon and I discussed the class we would teach tomorrow and listed a brief outline. For this was the first time to teach children who do not speak our language, we prepared for a long time to make sure the class going ok. The weather was so hot so that I went to sleep for a while, then. Crazy weather!

At night, I helped kids to do their homework including some Chinese teaching. Then, we went out and explored a new path under the leading of kids. When we went back, it was game time again and they also did a jigsaw. I really enjoyed the moment!

-Written by April

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