Daily journal in Jakarta — Day 4

Day 4 saw me go through a standard routine again, but with some exceptions!


As I was cleaning the yard in the morning, i saw a big jackfruit lying on the ground! Luckily the birds and insects haven’t taken a go at it yet (though there were some ants already).


Ade cut it up while I watched and cleaned. There was so much white sticky getah. I don’t know what the exact word in English is. Glue? Gum? I’m pretty sure I learnt it in science at primary school, but I’ve long forgotten it now.


Again, a quiet morning because the kids and Ayu are at school. But they returned before noon and the house was bustling again. When Ayu returned, i followed her to the market. She was a little tired because she had just taken 4 exams at school!


I love the market. you can find everything there. Not just meat and vegetables and fish. But you can buy clothes, undergarments, household items, bath accessories. There’s also a key maker and several shops selling gold jewellery! It’s so much more vibrant than the wet market inSingaporebecause the sellers are not your typical old uncles and aunties. Even the young mats (or cowok) are sellers. This is from a very unique sight for a Singaporean.


I bought indomee for the household because I suspected we were running low on instant noodles and I had a mad craving for it too ;). I also bought a packet of liquid softener for my laundry. Yes, I bought it from a vegetable seller.


From the groceries we bought, I knew Ayu would be cooking up a storm as usual. On our way home, we talked about the local food and which food i have yet to try, like somay, which I still can’t figure out what’s in it.


I taught 2 English lessons today – always an immense pleasure! Love seeing students’ faces light up with understanding. Though a lot of the laughter and grinning were directed at my quirky accent and antics, I’m sure!


Advanced English class is like the cherry on top of the cake. I love advanced classes because you don’t have to spend too much time translating basic things, and can explain things in a more creative manner.


Even though it’s 10pm here already, it’s still pretty bustling. Joko’s friends are hanging out here, playing card games and watching TV. Even the little ones, Nhiiaa and Adit, are still up. That’s because tomorrow is a public holiday inIndonesia! it’s Ascension Day. (Note:Singaporeshould really have more public holidays)


Tomorrow I will be out! I will be hanging out with Chandra – a lovely lady whom Jinesh connected me to. Together with her husband and son, she will bring me to a mall, have seafood, and if we have time, visit the monument. I’m quite psyched as that will be my first time doing a typical tourist-y thing since I’ve arrived.


I will be taking as many pictures as possible of the food. I’ve been eating A LOT since I came here, more than what i was eating back inSingapore. I’m psyched to be gaining back my ‘healthy weight’. Ayu, Joko and Ade have compiled a list of Indonesian singers/bands for me to buy at the mall tomorrow.


And now, I just asked joko to help me buy fresh mango juice. I could really get used to this. Ha-ha!


-Written by Yasmin


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