Daily journal in Jakarta — Day 6

This day began differently, in that a rat made a guest appearance. It turns out a rat has been putting up in my room and I didn’t notice/realize it until this morning when I saw something dark move against the dark panel on the sides of the floor. And I kept real quiet and budged my dark brown suitcase, and this time, glimpsed a tail.


I left my room door open while cleaning the living room and lo and behold, it scuttled out and under the cupboard near the main door!


Nhiiaa played older sister and assured me that the rat was really rather afraid of me since i was way bigger than itself. This girl truly baffles me sometimes. but well, before u know it, Nhiiaa acted her age again when she accidentally scalded her fingers with the hot pot and started sniffling in pain. I was so alarmed at her crying that I dropped whatever I was doing and went to hug her.


And then minutes later, we were chasing a cockroach to kill it, and I think Nhiiaa got the last hit on it! And so an exciting morning began.


While I was in the computer room preparing for the 4 lessons that I’d be teaching today, Nhiiaa played with my hair, stuck a roller in it and used my phone to take pictures of me. I truly enjoyed that sisterly attention and affection. if sincerely miss it and methinks it’s going to be hard to leave especially Nhiiaa when I go back next weekend.


she has even started a sort of countdown where she sounds like she’s ok with it most of the time, but sometimes, she pouts and whines about how I’m leaving too soon. Nhiiaa has also told me, “ngapa tak jadi orangindonesiasaja kak” – means “why don’t you just become Indonesian, sis”


Really didn’t know how to answer that =(


anyway, switching to a lighter note – I forgot to mention yesterday that along one of the busy roads in town at the traffic light junction, some trannies would go up to cars and ask for money. at another street where cars frequently make a u-turn, street buskers with monkeys would play tricks, and drivers would throw coins for the monkey to catch.


Chandra’s husband was saying that he feels Indonesians have among the most creative minds among south-east Asians. I really have to agree. I mean, they really find means and ways to go around the system while making money out of it at the same time. It is quite remarkable.


a little exhausted at the end of 4 lessons today, but all very satisfying and fulfilling, as expected. =) love teaching creative writing, idioms and did some funny face drawing with the younger kids today. The most students i had since my arrival here was a class of 21 primary three kids. It was fun engaging their attention when teaching them how to use the comma.


So far, it still stands that my most challenging class is the primary 2 class. A part of me hopes earnestly that Monica or Gaura would be around to teach that class next week. Otherwise, oh well, i hope to come up with a creative way to handle that class.


I really thankMalaysiafor coming up with Upin & Ipin because it’s been an instant ice breaker between me and each class. And even after i introduce myself that i come fromSingapore, they still refer to me as the Kakak or Cikgu fromMalaysia! amazing.


Tomorrow is Saturday but it is still a full school day at the center. There will be 3 classes for me tomorrow. And then it’s Sunday where I’ll be hanging out with Chandra again!


Hope my reflections can still sustain your attention for about a week more.


-Written by Yasmin

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