Daily journal in Jakarta — Day 7


This morning, I officially woke up to a home. You know that feeling where you’ve crossed a threshold and reached your comfort zone? It was like that. I woke up and it felt natural to be where I am.


I proceeded with the usual chores. Ade, Ayu and Nhiaa had stayed up last night to watch MissIndonesia. Joko had an upset tummy so all morning, my agenda was to pass him the poh cai pills I brought with me fromSingapore.


When I showed the bottle to him, he looked so apprehensive and scared that i burst out laughing. He pouted a little and asked if it was bitter, that it’s scary and weird, why he can’t just take half the bottle, or 1 or 2 beads. I just laughed and snapped at him at the same time that it was all okay, that I’ve been taking it all my life, that it will surely stop his runny tummy. He downed it and he said it tasted like jamu. I gave him 3 bottles in case he needed more.


About 2-3 hours later, when i asked him how was his tummy, his face lit up and he exclaimed “enak kak! ubat kakak manjur sekali!” which means “my tummy’s fine! Your medicine was so healing!”


If all goes well and God willing, i don’t get a runny tummy myself, I’m passing the house all my poh cai pills for them to keep.


Nhiiaa went back to her house for the weekend. Joko will be leaving tonight and coming back on Wednesday. Will definitely miss his presence in the house.


We played more mengumpat (a variation of hide and seek) with the other older students. I think at one point, there were 12 of us. It was funniest when it was Adit’s and Joko’s turn to hide. Adit is super tiny so finding the hiding place was so very hard. I actually gave up mid-way and chilled in the living room. Joko is huge so when we couldn’t find him, we were bewildered. Turns out, he was lying down flat below the living room sofa. That is pretty impressive doncha think!


Tomorrow Chandra and her family are taking me out and we start at 8am! I am super duper excited!! I fear more shopping damage will be done! Can’t wait to narrate about the events tomorrow!


-Written by Yasmin


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