Daily journal in Jakarta — Day 8

Our housemother is back! Finally met Ibu Rini this morning before I went out. She’s so gentle and motherly, and you can feel that the house is in perfect order again.

a housemother manages the household affairs – from cleaning, cooking, household supplies, etc. i wish we would stop using the word ‘maid’ in Singapore and use ‘housemother’ instead, because really, isn’t that what they are? plus, the nobility is encapsulated in ‘housemother’. ‘Maid’ is just really quite derogatory.

Started the day early at 8am with Kak Chandra, Mas Cahyo and their son, Fathir. We wanted to catch the car-free day in town, where roads will be free of cars and people would be in the streets on their bicycles instead. but we reached town a little too late and had just missed it.

So we headed for a hearty breakfast of nasi uduk. my goodness, I really thinkJakartakeeps outdoing itself with its cuisine. i mean,Singaporealways brags about its variety in cuisine. ButJakarta.Jakarta? Be prepared to be overwhelmed, is all I’m saying.

After breakfast, we went to the ambassador mall. a little more pricey than Cempaka Mas, but I somehow found myself leaving the place with a bit of shopping damage.

Then Mas Cahyo drove us toBogor, which is outsideJakarta. Traffic was light on the way in, fortunately. They took me to the botanic gardens. and this botanic garden isn’t the same asSingapore’s AT ALL. While they have the nature part, there is also some sort of a nature theme park where kids get to ride in boats and ‘bubbles’ (for lack of better word, so see pictures in my FB album). There is a HUGE warehouse for women’s handbags and shoes. Right in the botanic gardens. I wish I was kidding.

So while the dads and kids played in the theme park, u know where the women lepak. We had some light snacks after that. and then we drove back toJakarta. Traffic was slow on the way back, and I was so exhausted I fell asleep in the car.

When we reachedJakartatown, we had nasipadangdinner at Garuda. WOW. I mean, I refuse to even try to use words to do justice to the food inJakarta. It’s just overwhelmingly fantastic. I keep getting surprised each and every time, which is impressive because Singaporeans are hard to please and surprise when it comes to food overseas.

Then it’s shopping again, this time at the Mall of Indonesia. a dear friend from secondary school had her wedding today back inSingapore, which I missed. But somehow, I cant escape weddings because Kak Chandra and Mas Cahyo are taking me to a garden wedding next Saturday. One of Kak Chandra’s friends is getting married in the Taman Mini and it’s going to be epic. Naturally, I didn’t pack to dress for a wedding, so I bought a long dress for next Saturday.

It’s already been a week since I arrived – unbelievable. I cannot wait for this next week to start. Looking forward to the lessons because I have an exciting activity planned for every English class that I’ll teach. I really hope the students will like it. It’s a long-term activity that will really, really surprise them. VJ peeps may know this. Clue – Mr. James ho did this activity with us in Year 1 and then something in the mail surprised us when we were in Year 2.

Anyway, I am super exhausted now. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring.


-Written by Yasmin


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