Daily journal in Jakarta — Day 9

No 1 day is the same as the other in my time in Jakartaso far. I’m amazed. i don’t feel sluggish, blues-y or any of those so-called first-world problems we Singaporeans usually have.
The day began with the early English class where it’s all levels combined. Only 7 students, so it was a cozy, obedient group.
Somewhere in between, Mas Soim (a plumber who propositioned me with the batik business last week) turned up with samples for me to buy. Wow, if I had more cash on me, i would have bought maybe 30 pieces. But alas, limitations. So, I bought 5 pieces for a sum so affordable that I am 90% sure I will be starting an online batik boutique. They are all individually handmade, they don’t use machines to print so the inside part of the blouse/dress is batik patterned as well. Not the cheap white cotton inserts us so often see in common batik. And here’s the best part. The color doesn’t run. at all! if you’re familiar with batik, you would be impressed as well. Because the batik we’ve come to know and tolerate always runs when you wash it. But this batik, I tried washing it myself and lo, clear laundry water. AND they follow modern trends – how awesome is that?
Hasif, if you’re reading this, I have a proposition for you also. Because the manufacturers say that they can produce based on design. I hope this excites you a little. KL bus trip long long so we discuss then?
So the batik proposition saw me link up with 3 batik businessmen, who are relying on me to make it big in Singapore and Malaysia. They already have 1 in Bangkok. The plan is to distribute worldwide.
Then a local volunteer walked in, saving me from the SD2 killer class I have spoken about with trepidation. I got to know him more after classes, and wow, what an amazing life story. as if one new personality was not enough, another new local volunteer walked in – an expat who has been living in Jakarta. She’s a newlywed – only 3 weeks married! I was hit with a wave of WOW at the new people i was meeting, and realized that has been one of the major highlights of my trip so far.
There is an OASIS of exciting and interesting people waiting for you out there – that is, if you get yourself out there. I would never have crossed paths with any of these people if i had stayed put in Singapore all the time. Even so, getting out is only a pre-requisite. it is an open and accepting mindset, I believe, and an all-round good-natured personality that will see you gain from enriching opportunities like these.
There were 2 fantastic senior classes in the evening. one class asked to add me on FB. I intended to announce it on the days i have my last lessons with them, but some of them beat me to it obviously.
Lunch and dinner were fan-mother-tastic as always. Ibu Rini can cook. My goodness! Such nurturing comforting soul food. I don’t know how I’m going to adjust again when i get back to Singapore.
The house feels incomplete and quiet because Joko is not around. =( he’ll only be back on Wednesday. can’t wait to see him again. since I’ve never pillioned on a bike before, I vow to ride his bike with him at least once around the neighborhood before I leave Jakarta.
Aadit’s usually quieter but at dinner tonight, he led the conversation. he spoke about cartoons and mentioned happy tree friends. All the adults at the table told him it’s not good to watch it. I told him it might give him nightmares. He suddenly remembered a nightmare he recently had and Ibu Rini told him it’s because of all his cartoons. That, and he didn’t wash his feet before going to bed. who knows this superstition?! I remember my parents telling me this too as a kid.
Anyway, Adit is major adorable and he has dimples. makes me want to smuggle him into Singapore and adopt him as my own. he’s so endearing.
Nhiiaa is stuck to the TV today, but managed to squeeze me in when she placed her feet on top of mine and made me walk around. she made me some hot tea before my evening lesson too.
Ade is a little bit stressed because so many applications for volunteering has come in, and there’s a lot of admin work involving sponsors that he has to facilitate. He keeps making ‘tsk’ sounds and sometimes I encourage him to relax. luckily there are some local volunteers coming in this week so he doesn’t have to teach the classes.
Ayu is super tired because all her exams are finally over and she can catch up on lost sleep. she’s helping Ade write reports as well for the foundation.
Ibu Rini has the flu. it has been 4 days since she’s sick. I asked her to try the panadol actifast. I hope it helps her some.
6 more days to the journey’s end. I don’t know if I can handle the goodbyes.

-Written by Yasmin


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