A light in the darkness of corruption

As of 8pm Kenyan time yesterday, all of our children have been returned home to the IHF Center in Nakuru, on order of the highest level from the Kenyan authorities.   All of the children have returned with both tears, and cheers of joy.  The return of our children is a direct result of the hard work from all of the IHF staff and supporters from around the world, these children had no chance with out the dedication and efforts put forth by everyone.  Everyone at IHF, and the children, thank each and every person who helped spread the news of this corruption and helped to get the international eye on this subject. The fight is not over, the road ahead is long, but we have put the corruption, deceit, lies, and violence in the spot light for many to see.  There are questions being asked that have never been asked before, and demands for answers about why all of our evidence has been repeatedly lost from secure locations.  Now that our story is out, there are people at the top who are angry, as we are, about how this kind of thing could happen for so long.   With your help, we have exposed the problem, now it is time to continue to fight the good fight to put an end to this once and for all.

To all our wonderful sponsors, we assure you that all our children from the Nakuru center are home and safe.  A little rough around the edges because of the situation they were thrown into.  They are being treated for lice, and fed properly, and those in need are being taken to the hospital to get them back to 100%.  A little TLC is needed to mend their loving souls, and they would all love to hear from their sponsors.  We will continue to provide updates about the situation and the children through the blog, facebook, and email.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us through any of those avenues.

We thank you for your continued support and faith through these rough and trying times. IHF has always, and will always rely on the warm hearts and active minds of the international community in order to continue helping and teaching children around the world.  From the bottom of our hearts, Thank you.




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