Daily journal in Jakarta — Day 12

Nhiaa cried last night in the middle of our hide-and-seek game. I think she got freaked out. Poor girl. Well, that is why our elders always said it’s not good to play hide-and-seek because you may see things you didn’t want to see.

I slept in the kids’ room last night. It was a slumber party with Ayu, Nhiiaa and Adit. Unfortunately, there was a mozzie going around the room and i had quite a sleepless night!

Nevertheless, I found energy to teach throughout the day. Energy really is a group dynamic thing, more than it is an individual thing. I derived my energy from the response and enthusiasm that kids showed in my classes today. Today I officially started my special class activity – where the students write a letter to themselves, saying what they want to achieve within the next 6 months. They return the letters to me and in December, I will mail it back to them. They were really excited about this activity. Some classes stayed 20minutes after official time end to finish up their letters. Their commitment and enthusiasm is quite unmatched by whatever class dynamics I have witnessed in my life so far.

Apologies in advance if I’m rambling. My eyes are somewhat half-opened and my thoughts disorganized. But there is a quiet feeling of joy amidst the fatigue that i cannot deny.

We planned something super exciting for tomorrow night. One of the local volunteers, Fajar, drives so he will come to the center at 8pm tomorrow night and we will all go out to theMonumentParkand have a ball of a time. Joko will buy firecrackers; we’ll play kites and hang out till midnight and come back home. It’ll be an official celebration of my ‘last night’ so to speak, because Nhiaa won’t be around on Saturday.

I’m really looking forward to tomorrow. Anna, another director from the IHF Chiang Rai center has requested to put my reflections as blog posts on the IHF blog. So cool! I’m also writing a short note on my overall experience for next month’s IHF e-newsletter.

I will retire early tonight and wake up early to go to the market with Ibu Rini. we’ll be buying half a kilo of Cabek (chilli) and Ibu Rini will help me turn it into Sambal.

I plan to take one weekend in the next 6 months to come back and visit the centre again. I cannot imagine not ever coming back to visit again.

-Written by Yasmin

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