Daily journal in Jakarta — Day 14

My last night in Jakarta was tourist night. Kak Chandra and Mas Cahyo picked me up from the center this morning and we started the day with Makan in Kelapa Gading mall. Realized that Kelapa Gading mall is not 1 mall…but FIVE malls. WHUD!Jakarta is how awesome?!

I got to know Kak Chandra’s friends from NUS law program. They are actually from china. tuo fei is really hyper, he has got SO much energy that I find it so hard to keep up with his antics. lucu bangat! i already promised Rachel I’ll introduce her to my hangouts in Singapore. She lives in kembangan which means we are practically neighbors!

I bought Laskar Pelangi (translates into Soldiers of the Rainbow) which is the mega bestselling book and movie for all time in Indonesia. it’s even made it big in Europe. The book I bought is in Bahasa Indonesia, but Kak Chandra and Ade have said that i can handle it.

Wanted to buy a maxi dress from the mall, but pulled myself away. how proud am i of myself?

Still have last minute Buah Tangan (souvenirs) to buy tomorrow morning at the market. onde-onde, maybe some blouses/t-shirts to give away…

I reached the center at about 11pm and the house was still awake, watching TV while awaiting my return. Adit was of course asleep in front of the telly. i bought the kids martabak telur. Felt very sad sitting in the living room with them, knowing it’s the last night I’m doing that.

House feels imperfect also because Nhiiaa is not around and such a pity that she’s only coming back tomorrow after I leave! =(

No matter, I know I’m returning to Jakarta very soon for a weekend visit. i feel fiercely passionate about returning to visit.

Super shagged from 2 late nights in a row. Exhausted, yet…at peace, although i feel that familiar pang of sadness at the impending farewell.

I hate farewells. I don’t think I’ll say goodbye tomorrow. I’ll hug each one and tell them “jumpa nanti” (see you soon) instead.

-Written by Yasmin

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