Update and Letters from the Children at the Kenya Center

Dearest IHF friends and family, this is Carol Sasaki. I’m very thankful to all of you for your support. Our children in Kenya have all been returned to us and are now resident again at our center.

We successfully proved that the NGO investigative report into our center cited by the Kenyan media was a complete fabrication and arranged through bribery. The false report declared that officers had visited our center and interviewed all children and all staff. It also stated that the Nakuru head of Children’s Services was with them when this happened. All utterly fabricated and untrue. No-one had visited our center in that way. The utterly absurd allegations ranging from abuse to trafficking to misused funds were all utterly fabricated – and not the result of any investigation. There wasn’t even an attempt to pretend to visit and interview – so cocky they have become with getting away with printing false allegations when the bribe is large enough.

The bribes the NGO officials and reporters were paid to release this fabricated information about IHF came from the criminal syndicate we have been in court trying to stop for six years. They feed off small charities – never ending up in jail. They run successful Safari companies that then introduce foreigners to “poor orphans” keeping the orphans hungry, impoverished and pocketing almost all the money donors give for them. They often also use these same children as servants. Many are a part of this ugly syndicate and will continue to keep fighting us. They don’t want to lose their power and money and be jailed for their atrocities. We don’t know what they will do next to us: only that they will do something. So please keep up your emails and pressure and attempts to get international eyes on them. That will stop them cold. They don’t like any international light shining on the ugliness of their activities. I know of no other way to stop the atrocities they promote easily amongst the poorest and most vulnerable, hidden and abused populations. If you would like details as to the pettiness of our specific example and how it was used to try to close us down so we couldn’t continue our court case, we have attached details you may download.

Fortunately a new constitution has brought in new rules and new head people, including at the NGO board.  When I met with them, the new director of the Kenya NGO board confirmed he did not instruct for an investigation to take place and has agreed with us for the need for a complete investigation as to how this false information was circulated and to make sure it doesn’t happen to others. I am hopeful they will be furious at how the report was written and released without their knowledge, and will take appropriate action to clear out such unprofessional people.

Again, thank you more than I can say for writing to all about the situation and helping to have our children returned to us and a true investigation take place. I can never thank you enough. I am also deeply thankful to Children’s Services for being as angry as I about these lies and their impact on our children (see photos of their horrid condition when returned to us after only two months).

The result of what happened to us for being so brave, and people’ responses to it is yet another important lesson. Sadly, through this situation we lost sponsors for our Kenya children. At the moment our children are more in need than ever and we are grateful for any financial support or donations that can be provided for them at this time. We are also hugely grateful for those sponsors who have taken the time to understand our situation fully and are still supporting our children. Thankfully we were able to prove these allegations to be false to reassure the majority of our supporters, friends and donors. But what if we hadn’t been able to? It would have destroyed us, and the children’s lives further effected so horribly. This is why poor, good charities don’t speak up and turn a blind eye. Who can blame them?

A BBC correspondent I spoke to six years ago advised me not to fight the court case.  “Any charity that does, doesn’t survive – and with you being ‘all volunteers’, you are too much of a threat to many. Stay silent if you want to continue for your children’s sake”. It turns out she was correct. But isn’t “staying silent” the reason why the corruption has grown to such an absurd state? Too many charities don’t want the government upset with them and so they turn a blind eye to them in order to be able to help the children they can. In our case we simply could not continue to turn a blind eye. This story IS IMPORTANT. Kenya is the headquarters of UN (Nairobi, Kenya/Geneva,Switzerland/ New York City, USA are the three head quarters for our small world). What does it mean if this happens to me when I try to expose charity corruption and this is done to me? Who is going to do this with this result?

This situation must be cleaned up or the world will lose faith in most charities and have reason to. If the world stops being able to believe in the money they give to help towards eradicating abuse and poverty is really going there, and not to slick actor sponsored campaigns that just say it is – then do not all humans have good solid reason to say “I am not selfish to not share: look how it is misused?” It gives people a good reason not to share their wealth. What does this then do the global attitude of all humankind?

This small story is about human generosity or selfishness and what supports these attitudes or discourages them. If so much corruption is impossible to report it will inevitably grow. We are an honest and pure organization – and if even we can’t stand up and challenge it: who can? Our story is important for all those who yearn to help those abused and want to believe that generosity and truth and goodness scan ultimately win over greed? I am not yet willing to believe it can’t.

With love, Carol

All letters below are from the children at IHF Kenya.  The letters have been typed up to make them easier to read, but the words, spelling, and grammar remain exact replicas of the original letters.  Click the letter images to view the full size images of the hand written letters. 

I am an orphane from International humanity foudation (IHF) Carol Childrens home at Nakuru.  I brought by my beloved mumm Carol Sasaki in 2009 and our Community Chiefs.  I never face any problems from our mummys home.  I have better education and I stay properly. How can such people like chiefs and others become envy to us? Because they saw that we are eating properly and we are a good health. I am so worried of that.  Our mummy spent her money to us and he loves us so much. I was stayed at IHF three years now without seeing any mistake we no that our mummy does not do such things like that.  I am surely realized that our chiefs does not say thank for something good to them.
Our mummy buy goat, cows and gave to them. Why cant they say thank you? It is a deal to them.  They wanted to take our home.
As my opinion, our mummy want us to built a good future for a good life.  I am sure that those chiefs were thieves.

Mummys son,
Apura Nelson

I am a child from International humanity foundation.  I am writting this to thank Mum as she brought us hear for education.  I never get any problem from our mum she providing us everything.  Really she brought us from a porr generation to a good generation.  We are happy to be hear with our mum Carol Sasaki.  Now I realized that those chiefs in Pokot are saying that we are abusing each other and they are the one who brought us hear with their permision really they don’t want us to succed.
Surely those chiefs are trying to make there own things to close our home.  I know that our Mum can not do such things.  How can somebody do those things and is the one who is helping them is really buying cows, goats, camels and chickens.  When we heart that we din’t believe and we were surprised for those chiefs and I realized that what goes round comes round and our mum have been with us for five years now.  I know that our mum is the one who is our protections and care for us to suced and when back to help our people in Pokot.  When I grow up I would like to be a doctor to build health facilities and brought many doctors their.  We really thank our mum for everything that is doing for us.

Benson Tudoruk

A girl from Carol home,
I could like to say that I have stayed here for almost seven years.  I am save when I am here.  I have not heard anything like this.  I am very confused and I don’t know even where to start saying.  When I heard these tears rolled down my chicks.  Since I came here I have not heard such a horrible things like that.  Let me tell you those who are saying this things are those who want this home to be closed so that they will be happy to see us begging for money and they also wished us to be street children.
I swear this and I am swearing with my all pain tears that one day and one time they will regreat about what they are planning to do so to us.
Since the immigration people started go corrupt our directors who were caring for us to leav this country is because they want the centre to be closed but in the mighty name of Jesus they did not succeed.  So I am very upset to hear such a horrible thing like these.  I think these are the immigration people to do what they want.  I am very worried because if Carol could turn her heart and leave us, we are going to suffer a lot than this.
So if you want to know anything don’t listen to anybody who is coming to tell you lies.  If you heard anything you have to listen and then you have to come and ask the children so that we will know the truth.  May God punished those who are lies to us.  If you ask us anything we will asure you tho know the thruth. Please we are not liars.

From International Humanity Foundation
Chemtai Kiwial

We were all very shocked to see how bad the condition of our children got during the time that they were removed from our center.  These pictures below were taken by Carol Sasaki the day that the children were returned.  The pictures show just how bad the living conditions in these villages are, with no access to good water, very limited food, and no medical care.  Furthermore, our children were forced to fend for themselves on the streets during this time as the village simply can’t care for them, which is why they were sent to IHF in the first place.  Since the children returned, we are happy to report that they have been getting the food and medical care they need and are all recovering from the various cuts as well as head lice, worms, and more.  During this time, it is of the utmost importance to keep our children sponsored to ensure they all get the proper care they need.  Thank you for sticking with us during these trying times and great times of need, we, and the children appreciate it.

Click images to see full size.  Warning some are a bit graphic in nature.

Even through everything, the children were all so happy to be back at IHF they sang, danced, and rejoiced.


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