Another day in beautiful Bali, by Bali Director Bethany

The children’s summer holiday is over and it’s the first day back to school. The children rush eagerly into the center after already attending school in the morning. Until class starts there are a few minutes of mass chaos. I walk up the stairs to the classrooms and all of the children are playing games and coloring. They arrive early to the center almost every day because they love being here so much. They claim their seat immediately by putting their backpack on the chair.

There are so many kids we have to split and add an extra class. The children rotate from math to English to computers. Today, however, there is a different dynamic since the children need to write their sponsor letters. We decided to turn the letters into a lesson and Lauren taught the children how to write a letter. The children without sponsors wrote a letter to a friend or one of the volunteers. The children today are the youngest that come to the center ages 5-8. We have the local teacher Enni, who comes to teach math, help us explain the importance of a sponsor in Indonesian. The children with sponsors beam with pride that they were chosen to be sponsored. I feel sad watching the other children without sponsors, but they write their letters happily anyway.  In my head I think I have to get all these kids sponsored.

The children also color a sign thanking the class sponsors as well. Today we did a different approach and the children wet chalk and wrote on black poster board. The signs turned out great and the children really enjoy art projects.            After class they hang around and play games with the volunteers. I always try to have fun games on my computer to play or play soccer with them. It is so nice to just play with them. We decided to change our Saturday class so we would have more time do fun things with them. Now the Saturday class from 3 to 5 is going to be a miscellaneous class. Every week we will do something different for example; sports, music, crafts, geography, or drama.

Last month we held a Medical Day at the center to educate students and parents about nutrition and to emphasize the importance of good hygiene. We took the children’s BMI’s (Body Mass Index) and realized some children are below a healthy weight. So after class today we had a medical consultation in the homes of those children with a doctor. The doctor discussed more specific nutrition for the child with their parents. During the visits we realized some children were in need of more than just a consultation. With sponsorship money we helped one child get a check up and another fix a problem with their eye that has been prohibiting them from seeing correctly. The parents were thrilled with any advice we could give them and the children were ecstatic as well!            Another eventful, busy, and meaningful day in beautiful Bali

Director IHF Bali

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