Weekly Aceh Post, August 8, 2011

Early days at IHF Aceh

I am one of the IHF Aceh directors serving for 2 weeks now.
Prior applying for this job, I had already fallen in love with the faces that I saw on the site and blog.

There is nothing new, being born and raised from a big family, 3 brothers and 1 sister, and many more foster brothers and sisters in the family.
Feels like coming home…

I should be able to spare time between work, teaching computer classes and playing together with the children.
To be able to join them and accepted, first I have to learn their characters and interact in a way that makes them comfortable with my presence among them.

Still trying to believe, those things I love, being with children – those pure hearts, and having a small role for a better world, have come to life.
It is a great honor working with so many young and well experienced leaders. I do not see it as an opportunity, but more to a shelter of my life time journey. So much life and work experiences I brought to share, to develop and to cherish.

As our leader, Fadly, so young. Yet his leadership is second to none. Outstanding  responsibility and dedication, his ability to cooperate, ideas and opinions are reliable. And Bunda as well, our house mother with all her unconditional love, priceless.
In the end of the day, I can always get together with them and get involved in their games and activities.

Four girls; Yeni, Nani, Muna and Mery, are my fellows.
Mery reminds me of myself. The youngest, is not too close with her sisters that have grown up, sometimes just playing by herself.

Holding back a smile on my lips, as I walk back home, I bring a heart full of love, everyday. A substitute for love left long way back in Medan.

Anita Zein

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