Weekly Bali Post, August 10, 2011

Time has flown since my last blog entry! August has approached and brought many new and exciting events along with it. This month is Ramadan and next week on August 17th is Balinese Independence Day! For Ramadan, Muslims fast during the day and only eat when the sun is down. The children start fasting when they reach class 4, usually around 9 years old. You would think this would leave the older children tired and lazy but they are still very alert and energetic!

All the children have been spending a lot of time preparing for Independence Day. In school they practice marching for the big parade. Here at the center we have decided to have a special field day on August 16th to celebrate. We are going to plan games, create an obstacle course, and do some arts and crafts!

I didn’t think it was possible but I have fallen even more in love with Bali in the last few weeks. I was lucky enough to get invited to eat dinner at one of the children’s homes. It was one of the best experiences I have had here. They grilled fish and we all sat in a circle on the floor and ate with our hands. They brought out the few family photos they had and shared them with me. I could tell the importance of photos and took several with my camera. This family had saved and saved and bought a small netbook so the children have a chance to learn how to use a computer. I immediately loaded the pictures on their new computer and the entire family gathered to look at them. I also had brought the children a surprise and loaded some music on the computer as well. We all sang and danced to Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars. They invited me back again and I’m looking forward to it. It’s crazy how simple and happy life can be.

The next day classes were exceptionally busy. We had been going over the weather and had the children make posters depicting different types of weather to hang around the classroom. Maria could tell the children were extra anxious so we decided to end class a little early and took all the children to the beach. We started a large game of keep away, boys vs. girls of course! It was a lot of fun and the children really enjoyed it. Some of the younger kids that didn’t want to join in sang and danced in a circle with Maca, another volunteer. Fun was had by all!

Director IHF Bali


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