Weekly Chiang Rai, August 13, 2001

In the morning, I woke up early to drive the kids to the primary school by bike. They were the youngest kids at the center. One of the boys was really naughty, he jumped and ran away from the bike. He ran so fast and refused to return. Time is limited, we should catch him ASAP. It was an airline way, the road was really long. All of us, including the other two kids, called him back and found him. As the result, we found him in grass! Fortunately, they arrived the school on time.

At night, I gave them an English lesson, which was about writing sponsor letters. Their English was not that good and we had to teach them as the beginning. I gave them verbs and the past tense of verbs, which were very useful to write their sponsor letters. I thought some of them would remember these verbs and use them in the future, so that my wish accomplished. After the English class, I joined the chat of the girls. They were shy when I joined, and only spoke the Thailand language. Then I started to tell them some Chinese cold jokes, which were really effective and they all laughed! Then they were timid to say that I looked similar to some South Korean pop stars. Additionally, they also said that I was truly looked similar to Kim Beom, who was actually my idol too!! So, I was very delighted and happy from the deep of my heart for them accepted me. I took photo of them and I attached the picture of Kim Beom which they pointed there was a guy looks like me. Can you find him? Ha-ha.

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