Weekly Post from Nakuru, 8-14-2011

The month of August so far has been a month with heavy showers and generally humid tempreture down here(Nakuru).The heavy showers has aided the productivity of the PEACE FARM.The farm has been supplying the children with fresh greens,Cabbages and Onions and MOSTLY,lots of fresh corn(maize),we have started harvesting the maize last week and the children are loving it :),Thanks to our wonderful sponsors who contributed towards success of the farm.The children got their 3rd term break from school and now back at homes.One of the elder child(Asinyon Andrew) will be travelling to Tanzania for his study tour organized by his school,as for the holidays,around 50 children will be travelling to Pokot tomorrow for a 2weeks period to go visit their relatives and guardians.some of the children in High school are going for tuition as a supplementary efforts to the classroom work and improve their performance in school.Hopefully by next week,we shall have 2 or 3 local volunteer directors coming to the center to join us!,and we hope the same for our international Volunteers as the children are always asking as to when would  one will come 😉

    Greetings from Nakuru Children


2 thoughts on “Weekly Post from Nakuru, 8-14-2011

  1. Congratulations on the harvest! it is also corn season in Canada. Next time I bite into a fresh corn-on-the-cob, I’ll imagine I’m sharing a meal with the Nakuru kids! thanks for the news and pictures!

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