Weekly Post from Chiang Rai- August 23, 2011

Every day in Chiang Rai is like a new experience to me, even it’s just going to the market or giving an English class. It’s shopping day today and Kunu and I went in town to buy some groceries for the kids. The market was hustling and bustling. There were a lot of stuff there I couldn’t name and those smells that I hadn’t even known before. But Kunu knew his market and knew exactly what to buy for kids. In less than two hours, we finished the shopping and brought back to our orphanage a truck of vegetables and meat!
By the time Kunu and I arrived at the center, the kids were already back from school and were about to do their chores. After the chores, the fun time began. Screaming, running, playing basketball, playing the piano and even just sitting there drinking water is kind of leisure. For some reason, some boys started to call me “Newkia”, which meant “rocket” in Thai. I suppose it’ll soon be my nickname.
Evening is class time. It was my first teaching in the center and I was a bit nervous before the class. I taught the kids some vocabularies and expressions about how to describe someone’s appearance. Some seemed pretty quick to get me and were very confident when answering my questions. Others needed more time to digest what they learned. However, they all did a wonderful job in the English learning game I taught them to play and I’m sure we all had great fun together.
After the class, I had a little chat with some of the kids about our home towns. They showed me where their home is on the map. It’s a small place called Wiang Pa Pao and I can’t wait to pay a visit there.



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