Exciting Bali!

This week has been hugely exciting at the Bali Centre.

Our new volunteers have presented the children with all the donated goods given to them. The children were thrilled to be colouring with brand new crayons and colouring pencils!

We now have lots and lots of games and craft materials for the children to come and play with before their classes – this has caused a huge amount of excitement and means that the children now arrive as early as 11am even though their classes do not officially start until 2pm!!  This has only got to be a good thing and their happy smiling faces makes the busy mornings well worthwhile!

The children are also huge fans of both Kah Sue’s and Kah Pam. They have taken over the role of main teachers for class three. Our largest class of 8 year olds. And don’t the children just love our new voluntourists. With a combined 60 years teaching behind them there seems to be no better people suited to this challenging role!

The children in class three absolutely love the new style…as the class is a tad on the large size, the voluntourists have taken to separating the class into three groups which rotate around stations each manned by one of our volunteers. Not only does this style entail that the children get a more intimate learning experience, it also means that class management is easier, and the children’s enthusiasm to learn is kept at an all time high, as they rotate around different learning styles.

As class three student Ninda stated so passionately after her first class with her new teachers. We love Kah Sue, Sue and Pam.

The Bali Centre has also been developing and practicing a new style of pre lesson entertainment for the children. We have turned our small dining/living room and porch into a station of activity each manned by either a volunteer, work study or director. We have physical activities such as skipping outside, colouring on our dining room table and maths games with large dice on our sofas.

All here absolutely LOVE the new system…it’s great fun for the children as every day is a new activity and they are eager to come, whilst also it is a much more manageable time for the staff here, having the children play in small

Naomi (Work Study volunteer Bali).

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