Updates from Jakarta!

It had been Adit, Nia and the teacher Anissa’s birthdays throughout the week, so we had a meal to celebrate. After a days teaching, and for the others a weeks work, it was just what we felt like. I’ve only been at the centre a couple of days, but i felt like i was part of a family celebration. All the kids had friends there and there was a spectacular looking chocolate cake.  After we sang happy birthday and they blew out the candle (one candle, in the shape of a three) Adit cut a piece and fed some to Ade, Bally, Sylvia, Ayu and I. It was a bit messy! Then we had a big meal with a huge tower of yellow rice in the shape of a cone and lots of delicious food. There was more cake at the end, and a lot of dishes!

Tess at the Jakarta centre

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