Another Exciting Week in Bali!

What an exciting week we have had in Bali! Thanks to our newest volunteers Pam, Sue, and Sue we have had some wonderful projects to help aid us in teaching this week. Kak Beth and Kak Pam taught classes 4 and 6 how to make paper elephants. The children loved making them and showed them with pride. They are all so artistic and the elephants all turned out unique. We used this craft to teach about adjectives! After the children made their elephant they had to describe it.

The children love coming to the center so much that majority of them usually show up an hour or so before class starts. Our volunteers decided to make that time more productive and started setting up stations for the children when they arrive. This week we had a jump roping station, an area to play jacks, another playing a math game, and another the volunteers were teaching how to play crazy eights ( a card game.) We found that this is WONDERFUL! The kids love it and it keeps them busy and productive while they wait for class to start.

We  were fortunate enough to get to visit a local school and observe a class. So Friday morning we piled in the van and went to visit a school in Padang Bai about 15 minutes away from the center. The teachers and staff there were so welcoming and we had such a wonderful time learning about the childrens’ school schedule and watching their classes. I found their music class really interesting. The children play songs in a line with an instrument made from bamboo. It takes lots of discipline and perfect timing to make the songs sound as beautiful as they do. It was a wonderful learning experience and all the volunteers enjoyed getting teaching tips for the teachers!

We have also been busy planning events for next week’s environment week! We have found that in Bali they do not stress the harm of littering. So we decided to spend a week teaching the children about being environment friendly and the harm pollution and littering can have. We are all very excited about it and have many fun things planned including a beach cleanup!

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