Busy Bali! Double Post

Following swiftly on the heels of our environment week, this week saw the Bali centre entre the realms of health and wellbeing.

As you can imagine, two special projects side by side demanded a lot of organisation and supplies and it has been stressful at times, but the rewards are justly reaped when we listen to the children telling us how much they loved health week!

We started off with an overview of the body and the body parts that we must take extra care of, especially when we are growing. Our volontourists from America brought with them a Velcro skeleton that we can pull apart and then re-make. As you can imagine this caused no end of learning and fun for the younger classes! We tested them with all the parts of the body, playing head, shoulders knees and toes to aid us! Then we split the classes into two and had races to see who could put the healthy body back together again!

Part two of our health week was a focus on good and bad foods! After our beach clean-up we found so much food waste that we thought we should reiterate healthy foods with the children. We made flashcards with bad foods such as gum and pizza and then good ones with carrots and chicken on them! We then tested the children to make sure they knew the English words for the foods and then we played a game whereby they had to in teams split the flashards up into two piles!

Not only was our health week immensely fun w=for the children as we had no end of games to play, but for me as a work study it was also great fun! The staff at these times get to see the children learning and really enjoying wanting to learn more, and this has got to be most rewarding thing for a teacher!

This is my last day today ;( so I won’t get to participate with next weeks theme…teeth. Although the volontourists have been hard at work even getting in a dentist to come and talk to the children!

Another brilliant week at the Bali Centre. I shall miss all here greatly.



Bali has been extra blessed these last few weeks. Due to the large number of donations from incoming volunteers we have had wonderful materials to help bring our lessons to life. After environment week was such a success we decided the children really enjoyed themed weeks. After a general consensus Health Week was born.

One of the new materials we have that we were itching to use is a large felt skeleton that is labeled with all of the bones! You can even take the bones off and stick them back on. So the first day of Health Week we went over the different parts of the body. Ultimately this lead to singing head, shoulders, knees, and toes which has become a favorite around here. We had the children make skeletons of their own as well. We really wanted to test their new knowledge and played a game where they had to stick the English words on the skeleton by the correct part of the body. It is wonderful to see them so excited about learning and also so competitive!

We have found since being in Bali that often the children seem to lack good dental hygiene. We informed some volunteers of this and they contacted their local dentists for donations, thus creating phase two of health week. We created drawings of a tooth and explained the different parts of a tooth. From there we demonstrated how to brush your teeth with a little help from children’s singer songwriter Raffi. The children loved the brush your teeth song and seemed to learn how to brush their teeth correctly. We followed this by handing out pamphlets, toothbrushes, and toothpaste that was so generously donated. The pamphlets that accompanied the supplied were so helpful for children. They are filled with games and lots of wonderful educational information. We went over all the information with them and activities. The children took photos with their toothbrushes proudly. Health Week was another success! Stay tuned and see what the IHF Bali Center will come up with next!

Bethany (Co-director Bali Center)

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