More fun in Jakarta!

It was another fun week in the Jakarta centre. After listening to Nia constantly singing around the house we were very excited to hear her at karaoke on Saturday night. We had a great time, with Nia, Ibu Rini and Ayu belting out tracks by artists I don’t know, but that sound familiar after a month in Jakarta. Ade had a go at some Linkin Park, and we had a duet for Yesterday, the Beatles. Anissa accompanied me in Hotel California. All in all a very fun night!

The classes have been very full since we did the new registration, and we have a lot of new students. I am very lucky to have Andrea coming in and helping to teach English, and I think the kids have a lot more fun too. After one month I know many of the kids’ names and their personalities, it makes teaching easier and a lot more enjoyable. We can play games and have fun, even if we get so loud that Ade has to come up to see if I’m ok!

We also have some other new local volunteers, in addition to Anissa, and Cahyo, Mylyn and Ronald who come on Saturdays. Ade’s friends Tila and Nika are helping out, as is Antonius. Their help is greatly appreciated!

We have all enjoyed watching the progress of the kittens, who have grown up from blind helpless creatures and are starting to become playful. Their antics on the curtain they live behind are completely adorable. Of course it is Andrea and I who are most enchanted by them, the others have seen a lot of kittens before and know they will soon grow up into trouble-making cats.


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