Chiang Rai, November 30, 2011

There is a new puppy in the Centre, the little children are very excited with him, they play constantly with the little animal, even football.  The little dog hardly can stay alone one minute because as soon as one leave  alone the poor animal another one catch him and begin a new play with the puppy, still exhausted because of the previous game. Finally the little animal  spend more time in the air than in the ground. In any case we have a new member in the Centre and is small, hairy and spends the most of his time  flying around the Centre.

One thought on “Chiang Rai, November 30, 2011

  1. What a thrill, being a part of IHF in Thailand. My goal……to change one persons life ! I will be in Thailand for one year. And as Carol said “You will be the student” yes, life lessons are about to happen ! It’s exciting, every day a new beginning. Click this link to watch my first video !

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