11th December 2011, by Eli

This past week was very low-key here at the Bali center, both from the kids standpoint as well as for us volunteers. With the departure of one of our directors, we were down to two volunteers, myself and Shinta.

During the week, the kids had exams at their morning school, so the afternoon sessions were light on the number of kids, which gave the kids more time to learn the material and practice it with either another student or with us, the teachers. We also had more time to sing songs with the kids, and did some great coloring of the words we learned in class.

I have been teaching the older classes recently, the junior and seniors, and their vigor to learn has really impressed me. After each class, the kids will linger around, asking questions about the material we just learned and practing sentences incorparating the vocabulary. Last week we spent parts of both classes working on adjectives to describe different activites, people, and places. They liked learning new adjectives so much that they begged me to keep teaching them new ones each class.


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