12th Febraury 2012, by Emma

You know it is Spring Festival in China now, and this is my first time been abroad so I miss my family so much. But I don’t regret about missing the Spring Festival. Here, I learn so much and understand how necessary to help the poor. At home, my parents help me do everything, I am just their baby, and I don’t have to worry about everything. But without my parents, I can do nothing. Comparing my living in China, I think the children in Indonesia are more sensible, their help their parents to look after their little sisters and littler brothers and do housework.

I enjoy the classes too. The children here are clever and lovely. They always call me “Miss Emma”, and I enjoy this calling. At first they are shy and cannot understand me, but using some body language, classes become more and more funny. When they response with their respect and love to you, you will know why so many people enjoy the job of volunteer. Everything will be bright, when you get the children’s smile face with love. In China, I am the baby of my parents, but here, I am parents of all my students, even I am not Indonesian, even I am not familiar with them, even I can remember each students’ name, even…

Volunteers, which is a job without salary, but paid by love.


One thought on “12th Febraury 2012, by Emma

  1. Emma, thanks for doing your part in making a difference. Miss Emma sounds very official. You are developing mutual respect. That’s what it’s all about. Your parents should be very proud of you. I like your comment of how you are paid…..”WITH LOVE.”

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