15th February 2012


Life goes back to the way it was now. Looking at the pictures taken in Medan, I begin to miss the life of last month, a troublesome but wonderful month.


For us, it is the first time to go outside and to be put into an environment, where cultures are totally different from ours. I learned to how to solve problems on my own and ask help from a stranger. Moreover, I did something I never imagined before, such as taking a shower with cold water, sitting with ants. After you did, you will find that it is not as horrible as you think. It is also a good opportunity to experience different cultures and broaden your view. I know how they show their respect to others. Also, I was impressed by how local people value their religious. At five o’clock every morning, we can hear the music for pray, which calls up people to get up and pray. No matter the habit or the clothes and food, they have so many differences with China’s.


After this month, I become more independent and learn to how to solve problems on my own. The cat, the unsophisticated Children and the big smiles on their face, I will never forget.

One thought on “15th February 2012

  1. Thanks for your help. I love your quote “Sitting with Ants.” That could be a title of your book? Asking a stranger for help takes courage! But, you have already proven… you have that.
    Your lesson of solving problems will help you where ever you are in the world.
    Jim…Thailand…I still have a problem sitting with ants…LOL

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