17th March 2012, by Claire

Jakarta Centre Week two!

I woke up early to prepare for the morning class at nine. I taught them clothing, holding up various piece of clothing, then laying them on the floor and getting the children to stand by the item I had called out. I ended the lesson with a word search and guess the word from a few letters.

In the afternoon Jacintha from Holland joined us. We taught SD1 and SD2 together, teaching them about different rooms in the house, and the different objects that may be found in these rooms. Both lessons went very well, considering none of us speak Indonesian. Jacintha’s help was greatly appreciated, we look forward to seeing her again this Thursday. She has already informed me she has a good item for the lesson!

I have been teaching SD3 about public places, getting them to complete statements with the correct public place. SD4 have been taught public signs. The older children have been showing of their speaking skills to me, asking me various questions about England. Their English is very impressive!

Computer lessons are been greatly enjoyed, Bugs is a very popular program. Teaching the children lots of different vocabulary via different games. Computer classes are always very quite.

On Wednesday night a live in volunteer joined us from Turkey, Ayse. We are very grateful to have Ayse with us for one month!

Jacintha and I taught the children about animals. Then Jacintha got the children to draw what she was saying, for example two eyes. In the end the children ended up drawing a very silly animal. Jacintha’s idea of silly animal went down really well and the children got to practice their English listening skills.

Ayse is settling in well. She taught an older class about her native country, and then they had the opportunity to ask questions. To finish the class of each of them presented a presentation about each region in Indonesia. These presentations were in great detail and Ayse and I enjoyed listening to them very much. We got some great tips on where to go and places we must see in Indonesia.


One thought on “17th March 2012, by Claire

  1. Claire, sounds like you Jacintha and Ayse are doing all the right things. Thanks for the good job! Having fun and making a difference. You know….your life and the kids will never be the same, I like your lesson with the silly animals, sounds fun. Sharing your life experiences from the different countries sounds like the true lesson of “Love One Another.” Good Work ! Jim….Thailand

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