22nd Janaury 2012, by Eli

This week at the Bali center we have a full house. Not one or two, but five volunteers have come from China. It has made quite the busy center. It has been a welcomed addition and an adventure teaching them about helping the kids. For almost all of them, it is their first time outside of China, so their eyes are wide open and amazed at the sites and sounds of Bali.

This week at the Bali center we had a gang of new volunteers arrive. 5 Chinese volunteers arrived Monday along with a volunteer from France. It is a packed house and the kids didn’t know what to make of all the new volunteers ready to help them. It has been a adjustment period for the new volunteers but they are settling in nicely and taught their first classes yesterday.  We look forward to their help and the kids seem excited about seeing some new faces

The French volunteer Vianney and I traveled to Mt. Batur, in central Bali last weekend. We did a sunrise hike in the morning, hiking for an hour and a half up the volcano to be able to see the 6am sunrise. That is one of my favorite parts of being in Bali is the ability to travel and see so much, so close to the center. Bali is unlike anywhere else in the world and being able to see this unique island during our free time is something that I can not get enough of.

This is almost my last week at the center so I will be sad to leave. The time here has been absolutely amazing and one I will never forget. The children here are what make this place amazing and being able to play and teach them on a daily basis. I know this center and the children will continue to thrive due to the love the community has for the “yayasan” , which in Indonesian means center. Thanks for the great memories IHF!


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